6 Hair Hacks to Get Healthiest Hair EVER!

Do you ever feel that you invest too much time and money in your skincare, but barely pay attention to your hair? Do not feel guilty; we’re all in the same league! Just remember that your hair and scalp need the same amount of TLC as your skin and using the same old shampoo filled with toxic chemicals is not going to do any magic. We style our hair on a daily basis and heat and pollution affect the scalp health every day. Everyone deserves a good hair day!! So follow the hacks below and get the hair of your dreams!

1. Never sleep with wet hair
Do not freak out if you slept last night with your hair wet. Many people believe that sleeping with wet hair and letting them dry overnight is going to lock in hydration. You need to know that hair are prone to breakage when they are wet as they are the most fragile when wet. It is recommended to let your hair dry first; for which you can wrap a cotton t-shirt or a microfiber towel around your hair and dry your hair with a hair dryer. Once dry, apply 4-5 drops of Argan Oil in the main length of your hair for ultimate hydration and shine.

2. Wash your hair thrice a week
We know it’s hot and you want to wash your hair twice a day. However, washing your hair less is going to maintain the ideal pH balance of your scalp and you will get longer, stronger, and healthier hair in a couple of weeks. Washing your hair every day will make your skin go into panic mode! Using too much dry shampoo is also going to affect the natural pH balance of your scalp which would lead to breakage, rough and damaged hair. Use the Hair Repair Kit by pureayurveda for smooth and strong hair. This sulphate-free kit will make your hair shinier and healthier for sure.

3. Less is more
There is a common misconception that using more hair products is going to make your hair healthier. More products do not guarantee healthier hair! Using hair masks, oils, serums, shampoos, and conditioners lead to product buildup which can affect your scalp health. Hair should look and feel better and for this purpose, use hair care products according to your hair type and need. As per Justine Marjan, ‘Using less product is going to make your hair feel better!’

4. Read the label, ALWAYS!!
If you love Dom Seeley, make sure you stick to his wise words. According to him, always buy organic hair care products and never ignore the label. Make sure the product that you use does not have sodium lauryl sulfate in it, which dries your hair and dehydrates your locks. Using organic shampoo like Hair Repair Shampoo is going to nourish your hair and hydrate your locks. ALWAYS use organic haircare products since they do not have any toxic ingredients in them.