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    5 Steps For Sun-Kissed Glow!

    5 Steps For Sun-Kissed Glow!

    The last-minute swipe of bronzer and highlighter is not going to give you the ultimate sun-kissed glow. You need to have a robust organic skincare routine to get that sun-kissed glow naturally! Having a multi-pronged approach is essential in this regard. Everything you eat and drink impacts your skin. If you take a lot of stress, it appears on your skin. Therefore, having a powerfully restorative skincare regime coupled with clean eating is necessary. Following the following 5 steps is going to give you brilliantly luminescent skin:


    Glow Starts Within

    Start focusing on what you eat NOW if you want to get glowing and nourished skin. Beauty products can only give you outside beauty but clean eating is going to nourish and hydrate your skin. You need to include a heavy dose of skin-supporting ingredients like Vitamin E & C in your diet. Having such ingredients in your diet is going to prevent the premature signs of ageing, fine lines, and firmness loss. We are what we eat so be aware of everything you put inside yourself. Make sure to eat green vegetables and fruits and refrain from eating junk food.


    You cannot get a perfect sun-kissed glow without exfoliating your skin. Exfoliation is a necessary step as it removes dead skin and debris leaving you with even texture and glowing complexion. You will see that exfoliation gives your skin instant glow. Use Organic body, face scrubs and exfoliators like Better Than Ubtan Face & Body Scrub for natural exfoliation and Instant Glow Face Mask for the ultimate glow.

    Use Serums In Youir Skincare Regime

    Serums have all the ingredients that your skin requires for that gorgeous glow. If you want instant hydration, start using Hyaluronic acid. The best way to use this serum is to apply it to damp skin. This will lock in moisture and your skin will get ultimate hydration. If you want your skin to be nourished and glowy, start using Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid. These two serums are everything your skin needs. This combination will improve your skin’s texture and will brighten your complexion. Start using pureayurveda Skin Renew: Age defying Serum for plumper and firm skin. This serum is a must-have as it fixes early signs of ageing while regenerating your skin.

    Moisturize Your Skin

    You can never get a sun-kissed glow without moisturizing your skin. For a healthy-looking, glowing, and nourished skin, add a lightweight moisturizer to your skincare routine. You must add organic and natural moisturizers in your routine like Rose Face Gel for dry skin care and Saffron Complexion Builder for oily and -acne prone skin. These ultra-luxurious formulas are going to give your skin a hydration boost as they have natural and organic ingredients. They protect your skin against environmental aggressors and moisturize your skin without stripping it off its essential oils. You can also use organic oils once a week to massage onto your face to get a natural glow. Massaging your skin in an upwards circular motion will leave you with firmer, smoother, and softer skin. Use organic products to moisturize your skin and the results will blow you away.

    Wear Sunscreen

    It’s cloudy outside and you do not want to wear sunscreen? Do not do this to your skin please. Wear SPF no matter what. SPF is the super-food your skin needs every day. Whether you are applying makeup or not, wear SPF. Apply moisturizer and then layer SPF on it. Sunscreen protects your skin against all the environmental aggressors. Using the aforementioned 5 steps is going to give you the perfect sun-kissed glow and healthy, nourished, and hydrated skin. Add organic and natural beauty products in your routine and see the magic for yourself!!

    6 Hair Hacks to Get Healthiest Hair EVER!

    6 Hair Hacks to Get Healthiest Hair EVER!

    Do you ever feel that you invest too much time and money in your skincare, but barely pay attention to your hair? Do not feel guilty; we’re all in the same league! Just remember that your hair and scalp need the same amount of TLC as your skin and using the same old shampoo filled with toxic chemicals is not going to do any magic. We style our hair on a daily basis and heat and pollution affect the scalp health every day. Everyone deserves a good hair day!! So follow the hacks below and get the hair of your dreams!

    1. Never sleep with wet hair
    Do not freak out if you slept last night with your hair wet. Many people believe that sleeping with wet hair and letting them dry overnight is going to lock in hydration. You need to know that hair are prone to breakage when they are wet as they are the most fragile when wet. It is recommended to let your hair dry first; for which you can wrap a cotton t-shirt or a microfiber towel around your hair and dry your hair with a hair dryer. Once dry, apply 4-5 drops of Argan Oil in the main length of your hair for ultimate hydration and shine.

    2. Wash your hair thrice a week
    We know it’s hot and you want to wash your hair twice a day. However, washing your hair less is going to maintain the ideal pH balance of your scalp and you will get longer, stronger, and healthier hair in a couple of weeks. Washing your hair every day will make your skin go into panic mode! Using too much dry shampoo is also going to affect the natural pH balance of your scalp which would lead to breakage, rough and damaged hair. Use the Hair Repair Kit by pureayurveda for smooth and strong hair. This sulphate-free kit will make your hair shinier and healthier for sure.

    3. Less is more
    There is a common misconception that using more hair products is going to make your hair healthier. More products do not guarantee healthier hair! Using hair masks, oils, serums, shampoos, and conditioners lead to product buildup which can affect your scalp health. Hair should look and feel better and for this purpose, use hair care products according to your hair type and need. As per Justine Marjan, ‘Using less product is going to make your hair feel better!’

    4. Read the label, ALWAYS!!
    If you love Dom Seeley, make sure you stick to his wise words. According to him, always buy organic hair care products and never ignore the label. Make sure the product that you use does not have sodium lauryl sulfate in it, which dries your hair and dehydrates your locks. Using organic shampoo like Hair Repair Shampoo is going to nourish your hair and hydrate your locks. ALWAYS use organic haircare products since they do not have any toxic ingredients in them.

    3 Magical Cleansers That Will Transform Your Skin!

    3 Magical Cleansers That Will Transform Your Skin!

    Your skincare is absolutely incomplete without a cleanser. In order to get real results from your skincare routine, you need to have a well-cleansed face which is absolutely impossible without an effective cleanser!

    Wait a second! Are you still using wipes to clean your face?


    You are actually setting a ground for wrinkles by using them every day. Start using an organic cleanser which is compatible with your skin type in order to cleanse your face and notice the difference it makes to your skin in a couple of days only. You will find a number of cleansers in the market but you need to know your skin type well so as to determine which one’s the right one for you. You will find cleansers in the form of oil, balms, gels, creams & foam.

    "We recommend using cream based cleansers as it is the best cleanser to melt away your makeup. If you are using cleansing oil or balm, you must use a water-based or gel-based cleanser afterwards"

    Our Favorite 3 cleansers your skin will love!

    Our favourite 3 cleansers are tried and tested and we have fallen really hard for them. After trying infinite cleansers, we have discovered that nothing works better than organic and natural cleansers. These cleansers will be a great addition to your skincare regimen.

    1. Organic Cleanser & Makeup Remover:

    pureayurveda Organic Cleanser & Makeup Remover is the best cream cleanser available in the market since it deeply cleanses your skin and removes all the makeup. It does not only remove makeup and impurities, it also nourishes and hydrates your skin. If you wear makeup every day, this cleanser is perfect for daily use. Tough on makeup and dirt, Organic Cleanser & Makeup Remover is an amazing choice for your night cleanse. The organic ingredients like Organic Apricot Kernel, Almond and Sesame oils, Lemon and Geranium Essential oils deeply cleanse your skin and restore the skin’s natural pH balance. This sulfate-free formula thoroughly cleanses your skin without drying it. If you are looking for a skin-friendly, organic, makeup dissolving and chemical free cleanser, pureayurveda’s Organic Cleanser & Makeup Remover is the perfect choice as it will leave your skin cleansed and satin smooth.

    2. Tea Tree & Neem Face Wash

    Hands Down, the best cleanser for acne prone and oily skin!! No cleanser works aswell for oily and acne prone skin as much as the Tea Tree & Neem Facewash (thanks to the lack of fragrance and harsh chemicals in it). This gentle formula is loaded with organic and natural Tea Tree and Neem to thoroughly cleanse your skin and hydrate it so it never feels tight or dry. Owing to its antifungal and antibacterial characteristics, it prevents reoccurrence of acne without over drying the skin. If you have severe acne and blemishes, you must use pureayurveda Acne Control Kit. It is a 3 step skincare routine and has Tea Tree & Neem Face Wash, Saffron Complexion Builder, and Tea Tree Essential Oil in it. Start using it and say goodbye to acne and blemishes within a couple of days.

    3. Rose Face Wash

    This super gentle facial cleanser is the best choice for dry and dehydrated skin. Rose Face Wash is a skin-calming cleanser which replenishes stressed-out and dehydrated skin. A gentle facial cleanser made with soothing rosewater that nourishes and revitalizes skin for a healthier-looking complexion, this SLS-free formula dissolves dirt and makeup without affecting the natural pH and hydration of your skin. Without a doubt, this cleanser works like MAGIC. If you have dry and sensitive skin, get your hands on Rose Face Wash now for an unforgettable experience! These 3 cleansers are budget-friendly and the best part is that they are organic and natural while being packed with skin-friendly and nourishing ingredients to feed and hydrate your skin. Get these cleansers now and see the difference!!