Neem Glow Pack-50gms - Pure Ayurveda
Neem Glow Pack-50gms - Pure Ayurveda

Neem Glow Pack-50gms


Prevents Out Break & Recurrence of Acne, Relieves Swelling & Clears Acne Marks.


  • Heals all types of itches & skin diseases
  • Clears skin from acne & fades away marks
  • Restores natural skin oil & helps in curing acne
  • Safe for long-term, preventative anti-acne use
  • Antiseptic and combats bacterial infections


  • Mix together Neem Glow Pack & Pure Ayurveda‘s Rose Petal Extract to a smooth paste - approximately 2 tbsp in total


Pure Ayurveda products are completely Halal and plant-based. We ensure high-quality ingredients that include imported high-end ayurvedic herbs, cold-pressed pure oils, essential oils, and plant extracts. We also have an Ayurvedic Specialist on board that provides free of cost consultation and our team always follow up on customers' feedback.